10 steps to a New You

PUBLISHED: 19:15 28 July 2010 | UPDATED: 17:38 20 February 2013

10 steps to a New You

10 steps to a New You

In the first of the series, Martyn Oakey Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer at GL-14, guides us through the do's and donts for creating a new lifestyle and fitness regime.

In the first of the series, Martyn Oakey Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer at GL-14, guides us through the do's and donts for creating a new lifestyle and fitness regime.

1. Get into a Routine.

Ask yourself this; lets say you are due to have a baby. You go through 9 months of pregnancy and then the birth. Do you then decide to go and get a pram, cot, baby food, nappies, build a nursery and think of baby names? Or even though we cant fully plan for a new baby, do you get as much done before hand so that your new family addition can be comfortable as soon as you bring the little guy home?

Ok, to the point now! When you want to go and get fit, lose weight, run a 10k do you go straight to the event without training? No of course not, you need to be prepared. Even if you plan to just get fit you need to know every step of the way from the moment you think of your goal to the very last minute leading up to the event.

So routine is the key to success before you even set foot in the gym, start running in the park or hitting a diet plan. Make sure you know whats at stake for your goal; i.e. How many sessions a week do you need to put in? how long do I need to train for? Will I be able to get training right away or will I need to rehabilitate an injury or recurring problem? There is no point training to get a flat tummy for a holiday in 8 weeks time if you cant get out of work at 6pm to get your gym session for 6:30pm! Sounds simple but it happens. How can you get started on your plan if you book an induction but dont have the correct gym gear? Its all simple stuff but is key to you getting the best out of training.

The most important part of training is routine! Once you can lock yourself into the same training days per week it becomes easier to focus on your training goals and effort levels but also helping your trainer to provide a structures Periodisation plan that gets you the result youre striving for.

Heres a few tips to consider when embarking upon your new health and fitness regime,

  1. Put time aside to train each day or a number of times per week.

  2. Consider how much time is needed per session and per week to gain your result

  3. Make sure you have enough time to make a big enough impact on your goal. I.e. starting training 4 weeks before your deadline wont help you lose a stone in weight!

  4. Use a diary/planner and schedule in sessions so you dont forget

  5. Explore gym facilities that you will feel comfortable training in.

  6. Make use of your Fitness Instructors advice, expertise and motivation.

  7. Dont cancel a session! Once you cancel one its easier to cancel more.

  8. Stick with what motivates you; if you are not motivated you wont train!

  9. Maybe have a backup plan for days when you cant help but cancel a gym session.

  10. Score your routine on results you achieve. When results are noticed you will stick with the routine even more!

With your routine in place and a plan set ahead, this is your first major step to succeeding in your fitness goal. There is a lot more to consider though so watch this place for your next tip; Seeking Expert Advice.

"The difference between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing a thing exactly right."

Edward Simmons

Martyn Oakey (Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer GL-14)


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