Fashion: Get your coat

PUBLISHED: 12:59 20 January 2015 | UPDATED: 12:59 20 January 2015

Faux fur box jacket, Simply French

Faux fur box jacket, Simply French


Ethanie Jackson-Turner goes on a Simply French adventure

Electric blue knitted coat, Simply FrenchElectric blue knitted coat, Simply French

The winter chill has set in and our wardrobes are calling out for that all-important cold weather item of clothing – the coat.

Coat buying, shrouded in the terminology of investment, can often sound as much fun as opening a savings account. But this year, the prospects of chilly days are particularly appealing, as outerwear has gone through a transformation. Gone are the days of the dreary grey wool coat that lasted year-in-year-out.

Buying a coat is now a bit of an adventure. With different sytles belonging to particlular fashion tribes – beautiful brocades, sumptuous sheepskins, fabulous faux furs and classic cuts you can choose outerwear that reflects you and your personal style.

Which tribe do you belong to? At St Alban’s boutique Simply French ( there’s one thing each has in common and that’s Parisian chic; a certain je ne sais quoi. At one end you have this monochrome faux fur box jacket (£99) and at the other a washable faux leather classic trench coat (£109), while in between the two (and my personal favourite) is the electric blue knitted coat (£119). 
Whichever style you choose and whichever tribe you belong to, make sure you wrap up in style this season.

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