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PUBLISHED: 12:32 03 March 2015 | UPDATED: 12:32 03 March 2015

Dora and Daniel, Lomi Lomi therapy

Dora and Daniel, Lomi Lomi therapy


The Radio 2 holistic health expert, Imperfectly Natural Woman author and Herts mum chooses her favourite treatments and therapies in the county

Time for some TLC? Try a four-handed Lomi Lomi – a therapeutic healing gift from the Hawaiian islands with husband and wife healers and therapists Dora and Daniel.
This couple are completely in tune with one another and when their healing hands (all four of them) are stroking, rocking, gently pulling and massaging different parts of your body the feeling is one of complete surrender – what else can you do? I’m sure I drifted off more than once in a kind of euphoria.

When the relaxing music picked up its rhythm the intensity of the movements increased and it was a totally sensory experience being moved in time to a beat by four hands working in synergy. The deep head massage was incredible and there was even a therapeutic whole body stretch, with one pulling my arms over my head and the other stretching me from the feet – I left feeling two inches taller! I later bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. ‘Have you been on holiday?’ she asked, ‘you look so refreshed’. I’d certainly been on a journey; of mind body and soul.

Treat yourself to Lomi Lomi at Daniel and Dora’s practice in Kings Langley or at their sessions at Champneys Tring.


Full of the joys of spring? If you aren’t quite leaping out of bed (ever see two six o’clocks in one day?) then look at some of the suggestions in the excellent book The Tiredness Cure (Vermillion). Author Dr Sohere Roked is based just over the Herts border in Greater London and works as a GP and holistic healer. Among her tips she advocates leaving mobile phones and other devices out of the bedroom (told you!) and not even reading last thing at night in order to get some natural ZZZs.


To boost your chances of a good night’s rest try Asphalia, a natural food supplement designed to protect against elecromagnetic frequencies. It has the added benefit of aiding sleep. Available at Herts health stores and

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