Janey Lee Grace: Crystals, quilts and cleaning

PUBLISHED: 10:02 23 March 2016 | UPDATED: 10:38 23 March 2016

Magnetix Wellness make contemporary magnetic heart pendants that both look and feel good

Magnetix Wellness make contemporary magnetic heart pendants that both look and feel good


The Radio 2 holistic health expert, Imperfectly Natural Woman author and Herts mum chooses her favourite treatments, therapies and foods in the county

Mangle and Wringer is a traditional-style natural kitchen cleanserMangle and Wringer is a traditional-style natural kitchen cleanser

I felt like a kid in a sweet shop last week when I went to Battlers Green Farm near Radlett – it’s rural village shopping at its best. 
In addition to the gift shop, traditional butchers and a great fresh fish shop, there’s also the Bull Pen café (the cinnamon toast is a must).

The brilliant holistic ‘new age’ shop Destiny Rising (destinyrising.co.uk) is a treasure trove of gorgeous crystals, cards, trinkets, books, candles, wind chimes and more and also offers treatments and therapies. My little girl and I each filled a silk bag with crystals and then she chose a necklace for my birthday gift (I’ve taught her well) – a beautiful colourful chakra necklace which helps to remind you to stay balanced.

Once home, I came across something else for my son to buy for me. We’ve long known about the power of magnets for healing and some of the health stores across Herts sell copper and magnetic bracelets, but often magnetic jewellery is very functional-looking. Enter Magnetix Wellness (magnetix-wellness.com), which makes the most gorgeous magnetic jewellery. The beautiful and contemporary heart pendants (pictured) have a 1,200-gauss magnet, meaning you will not only look good but feel good too. What’s not to love?

Spring cleaning the old style way

Now that spring is here, it’s time for a spring clean. Go old style with completely natural products such as cleaning with bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar, or for a new spin on ‘upstairs downstairs’ methods, try the lovely Mangle & Wringer Kitchen Cleanser (mangleandwringer.co.uk).

Quitting sitting

A recent study found the risk of Type 2 Diabetes increases with every hour you sit down. If you are spending a lot of your day sitting (and that’s pretty much all of us who work in an office or home office), consider ergonomic furniture such as the backapp chair or the brilliantly innovative standing desk from Herts company Relaxback, which is based in St Albans.


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