Janey Lee Grace: Restoring the body’s balance

PUBLISHED: 10:25 18 April 2017 | UPDATED: 09:04 08 May 2017

Tonics by Real Remedies

Tonics by Real Remedies


Radio 2 health expert, Imperfectly Natural author and Herts mum Janey Lee Grace chooses her favourite treatment, therapies and food in the county

Happiness Millionaire focuses on the power of positive thinkingHappiness Millionaire focuses on the power of positive thinking

I love this time of year, but it often brings with it allergic reactions – hayfever et al. Hayfever is caused by the immune system believing pollen is a pathogen. But if we boost our immunity it can help to restore the body’s balance. It’s important to do it naturally however, and with an awareness of the seasons.

Recently I’ve learnt to recognise the importance of balance and harness the power of traditional herbal remedies and plants. I remember my dad always used to say if you’re feeling a little out of sorts to take a ‘tonic’ (his version included brandy and raw eggs!). Vanessa Jacoby is a shamanic herbalist based in Herts (realremedies.co.uk) who has created her own tonics, tinctures and herbal infusions. As I write, I’m sipping her Authenticity Chakra tea. It’s for the throat chakra, the centre of our expression, so perfect for me as a radio presenter, and it contains blueberries and cornflower – a lovely blue colour.

I’m also – to make my late dad proud – trying the Body Boost Tonic. It’s a fiery blend that contains apple cider vinegar, honey, red chilli, turmeric and more – Who-oah! I’m hoping to ward off everything! It certainly beats alcohol and eggs.

If you’re not feeling the joys of spring right now, remember the power of changing your thoughts. I recommend the inspirational new book from Janet Jones, The Happiness Millionaire (happinessmillionaire.com). She believes you can turn your life around and have a RICH (good Relationships, Income, Confidence and Health) and ‘powerful life’. Easter will bring chocolate, of that there’s no doubt! So how about going organic, raw and vegan? Try lovechock – I’m loving its Organic Mylk Cranberry and Buckwheat Raw Dark Chocolate from superfoodies.com

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