Natural sun protection and insect repellent tips

PUBLISHED: 13:08 12 July 2016 | UPDATED: 12:29 13 July 2016

Green People has an award-winning sun care range

Green People has an award-winning sun care range


The Radio 2 holistic health expert, Imperfectly Natural Woman author and Herts mum Janey Lee Grace chooses her favourite treatments, therapies and foods in the Herts

Incognito sprayIncognito spray

Your skin needs some extra TLC in summer but you can get that summer loving without the need for heavy protective moisturisers. Opt instead for facial oils and avoid chemical sunscreens which can do more harm than good.

For sun protection, cover up! Think big pashminas, sunglasses and parasols – film-star style. And for those times when you really must be exposed, opt for a more natural suncream such as the award-winning organic SPF range from Green People ( Remember too that mineral powders have a natural SPF factor – result!

It’s essential to get some sunshine of course. Many of us are lacking in Vitamin D, so we really need some sun. In days of yore, naturopaths such as those at Champneys in Tring would encourage people who were convalescing to sunbathe for an hour a day. Make absolutely sure you do not burn though.

Once bitten twice shy

What we really don’t want in summer is to be bitten by insects whether here in Herts or abroad. The World Health Organisation has warned that the Zika virus could hit Europe, so for those people who like me are attractive (to insects!) it’s really important to protect yourself. I used to be bitten constantly until I found a natural insect repellent called Incognito (right). It makes you ‘invisible’ to mosquitoes and other biting and stinging insects, (the kids love that idea!).

It really works and it’s been clinically proven to protect against malaria.

Incognito can be bought 

Creating balance

Angiras Auro is a Herts-based practitioner who utilises kinesiology techniques to enable healing physically, nutritionally and emotionally. 
She uses a whole range of tools to restore balance in the body – everything from Bach flower remedies, food testing and dietary advice through to massaging lymphatic points. If you want to find balance, this could be the answer. For more information, see

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